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Career Mistakes I’ve Made

|Reading time: 8 minutes| My career in magazines/websites was my passion and one that I sorely miss. Perhaps it was the wonderful team I left behind and the managers at GQ? I spent 8 years working in publishing with only one brief stint working in the private jet lounge industry. But throughout my career I’ve made some mistakes. Ones that I want to share so you don’t do the same.

Valentine’s: For Him

|Reading time: 4 minutes| Male gift giving is something I’ve never particularly struggled with. Perhaps it’s having a brother or from my time spent working at GQ either way I know what the men in my life want – especially on Valentine’s Day.
To make it simple, men’s gifts can be split into three simple categories: grooming, shoes and watches or hobbies (think books, music, film).

Prada & Élan: Taste of Style

|Reading time: 5 minutes|
With big coffee shop chains popping up all over the place, boutique coffee shops like Élan in Mayfair (and also on Brompton Road, Knigthtsbridge) are a real gem. Famed for their pink aesthetic and stylish pastel decor it really is fast become London’s finest coffee destination.

Ode To (Her) Shoes

|Reading time: 5 minutes|
My friend Liz (aka Dr Daps) is seven months pregnant and a Doctor in A&E. She is unassuming, tirelessly giving and giving and taking nothing in return. She penned a poem inspired by the changing of her trusty shoes and it really struck a chord with me – particularly as a shoeaholic.

It’s A New Dawn, It’s A New Day

|Reading time: 3 minutes| Last year I chose to write about some New Year Fashion Resolutions which gave me a positive look at what I’m already passionate about. I actually stuck to them and my wardrobe at 2017 ended on a high note! So this year, I’m going to list my intentions and plans. Forget ‘being healthy, losing weight’ etc…

Style Finding: The Business Of Blogging *News*

It’s been a while since my last post. There’s a reason. I’ve been squirrelling away finishing some private appointments and getting ready for my new launch. To give you some background, I’ll start at the beginning. My husband works for a top London ad agency and I spent 8 years working for market-leading UK magazines. So you could say digital is a big part of my life. My career was spent liaising with luxury brands – convincing them to advertise in print and online.

Time For A Social Media Break? The Ugly Truth

It seems people do think that social media is having a negative impact on our lives. So much so that people are agreeing it’s destroying the art of conversation and it’s ruining our creativity. Communication and creativity are essential life skills to any human so what’s the future for us? When I think of myself with my daughter in years to come, I wonder what she’ll be like at 14. Will she be hanging out in town like I did, wondering if there was anything in New Look to fit her £10 pocket money budget? Phones a thing for adults and something we’d never bother to want? Or will she follow in my footsteps, take an interest in online sociology and become a blogger? One thing’s for sure, she certainly won’t be allowed online for hours and hours.

Our Intimate Garden Wedding: A Photo Story

We held our small, emotionally charged Jewish wedding at my husband’s parent’s beautiful home in North London. Their home is absolutely stunning, warm and welcoming with a gorgeous garden – the perfect wedding venue. As I was 6 months pregnant, finding a dress was beyond difficult (try telling London boutiques that you’re expecting and need a dress within 4 weeks). But all the planning and attention to detail was worth it.