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Valentine’s: For Him

|Reading time: 4 minutes| Male gift giving is something I’ve never particularly struggled with. Perhaps it’s having a brother or from my time spent working at GQ either way I know what the men in my life want – especially on Valentine’s Day.
To make it simple, men’s gifts can be split into three simple categories: grooming, shoes and watches or hobbies (think books, music, film).

Lady With An Edge

|Reading time: 5 minutes| It’s true what they say; well-behaved girls rarely make history. Some of the best times of my life have happened when my friends and I are being, well, a little bit naughty! Daring, cheeky, sexy with an edge… When a fragrance evokes those kinds of memories you know it’s going to quickly become one of your favourites!

5 New Skincare Products I Use Until Empty

I’m often asked to review new launches or try out products before they’re launched on the market. I only truly love a small proportion of them meaning that there are many products I don’t rate enough to put on the blog. So with the new season upon us, I’ve been trying out a whole load of new skincare pieces. I don’t know about you but my skin is in total transition. Probably from the pregnancy hormones but also from this change in weather and temperature. Some products I’ve loved, some I’ve broken out in rashes with and others I simply just didn’t believe the hype.

London Wedding Prep: My Beauty Regime

On Sunday 14th May, 36 close friends and family gathered at my husband’s parent’s house to celebrate our wedding. Small and intimate, we wanted something that would start at midday and finish late afternoon, (I’m 6 months pregnant after all). We’ve been engaged for almost two years and initially had planned a big wedding. We’d booked the West London Synagogue and reserved our favourite Marylebone wine bar but with numbers getting out of hand we decided last minute to cancel. We sent out messages of understanding to those of our closest friends and family that we couldn’t invite and with the logistics done, I began my beauty planning.

Luxurious Makeup Bag Updates With Elizabeth Arden

Myriads of lipsticks, foundations, brushes and concealers grace my makeup cupboards. As a blogger and self confessed beauty addict, it’s difficult to get away from new launches and makeup products. In amongst all the chaos there are always brands that quickly become my favourite. Aside from skincare brands that I end up using until they’re empty (core skincare empties here) one makeup brand you’ll always find in my makeup bag is Elizabeth Arden.

6 Core Skincare Products I Use Until Empty

As a blogger I’m often asked to review new launches or try out products before they’re on the market. The truth is I only truly love a small proportion of them. Whilst I do love trying new bits and pieces, there are always a core selection of products that I can’t live without. Ones that I always come back to, that work. They’re the product’s I’ll use until empty and those I’ll always replace because they really are, that great.

How To Save Money On Salon Trips With Panasonic

(*Sponsored*) It’s no secret that I love a good salon treatment. For me it’s a chance to relax and have some well enjoyed ‘me time’. But let’s be real, all of these salon visits can stack up financially. Plus who really has the time for frequent appointments when you factor in travelling to get there, hanging around and coming back? With this in mind, I’ve teamed up with Panasonic to share with you some of their research. It really makes you see why their amazing offerings help you save both time and money.

Answers To The ‘Ask Me Anything’ Emails

Over countless glasses of wine (pre-pregnancy obviously) and cups of coffee with PR’s, fellow bloggers and clients conversation often touches upon the subject of blog post content. The ideas, the topics but more importantly, at what point do you stop sharing? Well I’ve always been a pretty open book. During my Uni days I’d tell anyone who would listen about my relationship woes or my course problems. I’d celebrate every success no matter how small with people. I’d say I’ve always been pretty approachable. So when it comes to moving to London, working for magazines and writing a blog, I’ve always been keen to offer my advice and experience. Probably a little too much sometimes.

My Very First Beauty Box With Roccabox On Sale Now

(*Sponsored*) Hands up if you love a beauty subscription box but are usually super disappointed when they arrive (me!). Well I feel your pain so when I teamed up with Roccabox to bring you a beauty box this May, I took everything into consideration. Value for money? Check. Decent products? Of course. Things I’d use myself? Naturally. Most of all, I wanted to offer as many full size and luxe size products as possible from some of the best and upcoming brands on the market.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Teaches Us How To Recreate Gisele’s Met Gala Makeup

With just under a fortnight to go until my wedding, naturally I turned to the Met Gala for makeup inspiration. Although the theme is dramatic (and often extreme), there are always some well made up, natural looking faces to enhance an outfit. For a wedding, I’ve surpassed my desire for thick red lips and Bambi lashes with feline flicks and am back to beautiful looking natural ways to enhance what I already have. The winner at the Met Gala? Gisele.

She turned to Marc Jacobs Artistry Ambassador, Hung Vanngo for her classic and sophisticated makeup look. Here’s what he used and how you too can recreate the look.

My Holiday Bathroom Shelfies

I love a good holiday. Last year I was fortunate to travel to Costa Rica, Rome, Las Vegas, Marrakech, Cornwall, and Venice and this year, well I’m currently in Cornwall and planning a little honeymoon (which is proving tricky now that I’m pregnant). Each time I travel, I always think carefully about what to take – particularly if I’m in a country where things aren’t that easy to come by.

The beauty of a holiday is that you’re more relaxed. You’ve more free time to exude on things you really like which for me, results in more time to spend on my beauty regime. I always like to take an indulgent mask away with me, be it for my hair or face and invest that little bit more on new treatments that require a little more time.