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Career Mistakes I’ve Made

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My career in magazines/websites was my passion and one that I sorely miss. Perhaps it was the wonderful team I left behind and the managers at GQ? I spent 8 years working in publishing with only one brief stint working in the private jet lounge industry. But throughout my career I’ve made some mistakes. Ones that I want to share so you don’t do the same.

Does ‘Perfect’ Really Exist?

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Hands up if you’ve ever claimed to be ‘perfect’? I have, many times. More often than not it’s when I’m bickering with my husband to enforce the point he’s wrong and I’m right and at the time, I convince myself to the point of almost believing. But do I really think I’m perfect? I guess it depends how you interpret ‘perfection’.

It’s A New Dawn, It’s A New Day

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Last year I chose to write about some New Year Fashion Resolutions which gave me a positive look at what I’m already passionate about. I actually stuck to them and my wardrobe at 2017 ended on a high note! So this year, I’m going to list my intentions and plans. Forget ‘being healthy, losing weight’ etc…

Style Finding: The Business Of Blogging *News*

It’s been a while since my last post. There’s a reason. I’ve been squirrelling away finishing some private appointments and getting ready for my new launch. To give you some background, I’ll start at the beginning. My husband works for a top London ad agency and I spent 8 years working for market-leading UK magazines. So you could say digital is a big part of my life. My career was spent liaising with luxury brands – convincing them to advertise in print and online.

Dating Rules To Think About

Writing this post whilst almost 8 months pregnant feels a bit bizarre. Truth be told I haven’t dated anyone except my husband in four and a half years. A long time! So long in fact that I was one of the last singletons right before the launch of ‘Tinder’, ‘Happn’ and the many other weird and wonderful dating apps around right now. But take algorithm matches, pre-judged assumptions (of photographs) and pre-date online stalking out of the equation and what your left with is a pretty universal date situation. A man and woman (or two women, or two men) coming together over a glass of wine (or vegan juice) with the mutual desire to want to get to know one another. But it doesn’t come without its complications.