Bad Habits Obstructing You From Reaching Your Goals

Bad Habits Obstructing You From Reaching Your Goals

I’ve been thinking of writing this post for a while.

Whilst I like to think I’m the Queen of productivity, sometimes I’m at risk of getting in over my head. Take the blog for example. When I started it I made a mental list of everything I wanted to do, a set of rules. I wanted to upload blogs everyday, create new content for readers that’s different to others and develop my portfolio of ‘In The City’ brands, (take for instance).




The reality however is very different.


There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to go to meetings, take photographs, attend launches, research blog posts, write beautiful content and keep up with emails. So I compromise. I keep meetings to a couple of days a week, I dedicate a morning to research and I write when I can. Admin I can work around (many companies receive 1am emails from me). Truth is it’s a hard graft. So when I launched, I chose to hold back on my other launch which is coming this Summer. I wanted to really grow and get the branding right before venturing in to something else.


In a recent interview with the industry online tool, (piece coming soon) I confessed my struggles of juggling all of this PLUS something else I’ve been working on (you might have seen my use the hashtag #StyleFinding on some of my Instagram posts lately). But more on that another time.


What this has taught me is that sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed. In life, whether you want to become an entrepreneur, get a new job or succeed in other areas, it’s easy to jump straight in and feel like we’re in over our heads. You can have the best business idea, the most unique creative project or life plan but the fact is there are lots of common mistakes that people make in their quest to become a high flyer. Most of which can hold one back and have the opposite effect on your end goal. So here are my tips on how to wade through the noise to be a true hustler in life.





#1 Communicating Your Plans

I know a lot of people who are communicators. Great. But what if you’re the type of communicator to just keep talking and talking about plans but not actually put them in to action? Not only do people stop taking you seriously, they stop respecting you. Selling your home? Moving cities? We know, we’ve been hearing about it for the last 6 months but when’s it actually going to happen? I like to hold back on talking too much about what I’m doing in business until the launches are nearly ready. It comes from not only my desire to get things perfect but also through fear of someone else taking my great idea and running with it before I’ve had chance to swallow my breakfast.

#2 Trying To Be Perfect

Strive for progress not perfection because no one is perfect. It’s a phrase I’ve heard since I was 9 years old and one that I’ve spent the last 21 years trying to prove otherwise. But what I’ve learned is that no one and nothing is perfect. Things will always evolve and improve, people will always have their flaws and perfection is near impossible. Instead adjust your mindset and try to be ‘adaptable’. You’ll soon put less pressure on yourself and find that your anxiety over doing things before a certain age or getting things right the first time will disappear.




#3 Overestimating Others

I once let a friend in on my dream start-up business. It failed. Working together didn’t work and sent my anxiety in to overdrive. I learned a valuable lesson in trust and in hindsight I totally over estimated the other person. Before partnering (in business and in love) it’s always important to take a step back before taking the plunge. You don’t want to regret your decision. Before going in, weigh up the pro’s and con’s. Can you do this alone? What benefit is it of being with this person? What’s the worst case scenario?

#4 Underestimating Yourself

Think you can’t do something until you have the new equipment, fresh mind and relaxed attitude? I remember at school in September I’d always ‘need’ the new files, new pens and pencil cases. A lot of my Saturday job wages go on this type of stuff and it was completely unnecessary. Don’t be that person who comes up with every excuse to procrastinate and put obstacles in the way. Don’t think you ‘need’ something before you can dive in. Humans are incredible at adapting and with a bit of confidence you can do anything you set your mind to.


#5 Your Personal Time

You want to be the best at whatever you put your mind to. So you spend every waking hour trying to get things done, move out of your comfort zone to gain a new perspective and then what? The weekend comes. So what do you do? Well if you’re anything like the old me, you’ll have your laptop out, you’ll be working. But this is detrimental to your long term goals. You end up not being able to differentiate between work and life. As humans we need to switch off and recharge. We’re not computers and aren’t wired to be ‘on’ 24/7. If you’ve set realistic goals, time frames and are sensible with your free time it’s easy to get a good work/life balance. Even a full time hustler needs a holiday!


#6 Focusing On The Long Term

In business and in life, long term goals are great. It’s a destination to which we all want to reach but without a set plan with smaller goals, how will you ever succeed? Sure we may want to ‘travel the world’ on our sabbatical from work or take a gap year to go see Australia but have you considered the path to get there? Saving plans, flights, researching the areas, how to get from A to B… it all takes time. Short term goals (say for instance this week I’ll work out a savings plan for the next 6 months) are the crux of any success. Even if your long term goal is a promotion, have you thought about the ways in which you can stand out from the others now? How to get noticed? Make small, individual short term goals so you can tick off as you go along. It eliminated the frustration when in months to come you’re still wondering why you haven’t reached your big end goal.



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