I’m Giving Away My Clothes

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I’ve made no secret that I’m a big advocate of donating to charity. You’ll have already seen all of the wonderful charities I’ve worked with on the blog. So today I’ve teamed up with Save The Children to share some super exciting news of a Mary Portas exclusive and to raise awareness of the incredible work the charity does.

Procedures & Surgeries

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Over the course of my blogging career I’ve been sent messages from followers concerning various surgeries and procedures. “Your fake boobs look stupid!” one person messaged whilst another suggested I have liposuction 4 weeks after having my baby. Despite the fact I do share things online, even before blogging I would hear people gossiping in the ladies’ about me having botox etc.

Career Mistakes I’ve Made

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My career in magazines/websites was my passion and one that I sorely miss. Perhaps it was the wonderful team I left behind and the managers at GQ? I spent 8 years working in publishing with only one brief stint working in the private jet lounge industry. But throughout my career I’ve made some mistakes. Ones that I want to share so you don’t do the same.

Grown Up Pink

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Last year ‘Millennial pink’ became a ‘thing’. Whilst the jury’s out on what exact colour it is (for me it’s varying tones of pastel pinks), one thing’s for sure. We haven’t seen the last of pink. There are many ‘grown up’ ways to wear pink this year – it isn’t just reserved for Millennials…. Our accessories, in our hair, even our shoes. Think less princess, fairy and sparkle but more Gucci, Marni and Céline.

Valentine’s: For Him

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Male gift giving is something I’ve never particularly struggled with. Perhaps it’s having a brother or from my time spent working at GQ either way I know what the men in my life want – especially on Valentine’s Day.
To make it simple, men’s gifts can be split into three simple categories: grooming, shoes and watches or hobbies (think books, music, film).

Does ‘Perfect’ Really Exist?

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Hands up if you’ve ever claimed to be ‘perfect’? I have, many times. More often than not it’s when I’m bickering with my husband to enforce the point he’s wrong and I’m right and at the time, I convince myself to the point of almost believing. But do I really think I’m perfect? I guess it depends how you interpret ‘perfection’.

Lady With An Edge

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It’s true what they say; well-behaved girls rarely make history. Some of the best times of my life have happened when my friends and I are being, well, a little bit naughty! Daring, cheeky, sexy with an edge… When a fragrance evokes those kinds of memories you know it’s going to quickly become one of your favourites!

Posher Coats

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Dinner at your friends’ new fancy house? The ones who’ve just got married and are using their new wedding sets? A glass of wine in a top notch bar with your nearest and dearest? Whatever the occasion a good coat will elevate a look.

Style Notes: Blazers

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Blazers were huge at the back end of 2017 and this season they continue to dominate the high street. No longer the reserve of women in corporate companies, the choice right now is bigger and better than ever! They’re versatile and super easy to style making them my favourite thing to wear.